Elite Security - A Company You Can Count On

Elite Security was started over a decade ago by it's founder Jim Jennings. Jim built Elite Security on three basic and fundamental principles.

  1. Provide a Great Product.
  2. Offer the Best Service.
  3. Keep Prices Competitive.

Elite Security has stuck to those principles and today offers one of the highest quality security systems available. Elite specializes in all types of security and video surveillance. We also install quality audio and home theater systems as well. You will find Elite Security systems in homes as well as large corporate facilities.

Elite's customer service is extremely important. We understand that our customers are the people that keep us in business so we work diligently to make sure all of our customers needs are taken care of.

When it comes to pricing you will notice Elite Security rarely exceeds our competitor's prices. We are experts at providing the highest quality products and services while keeping our prices low.

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Utah Crime Statistics
  • over 158,000 crimes were reported in the State of Utah last year.
  • 78,749 of these were theft related
  • 10,793 were Burglary/Breaking and entering
Is your Home safe? Is your Business safe? Is your Family safe?